About Me

Hello and welcome. I’m so glad you’re here.

I’m Elise. Welcome to Elise Mezner Photography. I’m a mum, teacher and photographer.

I am passionate about sustainability and want to help you to not only create a wedding that fills your heart with joy but also looks after the planet. I am a proud member of Less Stuff More Meaning and have so many ideas on how you can create a beautiful, sustainable and ethical wedding.

I have been photographing people for a decade now. I started Elise Mezner Photography because I realised that life is fleeting. You grow old and so do the people you love. Things change while we’re busy living our lives, but our most precious moments and memories should stay with us forever. If you think about what you would take if your house caught on fire, most of us would say our photographs. Why? Because these are memories that have been captured forever. They take us back to the exact moment the shutter was clicked. My purpose as your photographer is to capture the personality, the love, and the uniqueness of your family, wedding day or adventure.

When I’m not photographing you and your loved ones, I teach History to teenagers and am the Sustainability Coordinator at my school. It’s important to remember where we’ve come from as it helps us understand who we are. It’s important to look after our planet as we’ve only got one. It’s vital to me that my clients are able to have their special moments captured so they can remember them for years to come. These moments are what life is all about.

Currently, I am based out of Melbourne where I live with my husband, Will, our son Thomas and our rescue greyhound Billy. I was born and bred in Adelaide and travel there frequently. If are you looking for a wedding or family photographer in Adelaide, hit me up.

Other fun facts about me are:
-Tea is known as my lifeline – especially if it is fairtrade.

-I love dogs (especially Greyhounds) and will love it if you bring your fur baby to your wedding or family session.

-I have travelled to almost 50 countries around the world and love exploring this beautiful planet we call Earth. I am also passionate about looking after it and believe that each of us play an important role in the future of our planet.

-With each session/wedding that is booked, a donation is made on your behalf to the Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC). These young folk are fighting for Climate Action, which is something I fully believe in.

I’d love to meet you over a tea/coffee/glass of wine to chat further with how I can assist you in capturing your favourite memories of your favourite people. Keen? Head to the contact page and let’s get started!

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